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Eternal Events

Eternal Events organizes all sorts of events such as: 1v1 tourneys, trophy push tournaments, base building challenges, ESL style tournaments and much more! We have fantastic prize pools that can range up to €200. Our main goal is to get involved with the community, organize what the community is asking for and obviously have fun while doing these events.


Vlad is a Front-End Developer with 3 years of experience in web development, specializing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, TypeScript, and Next.js. I have skills in UI & UX design with Figma. I've worked on projects like Eternal Eleven, FlashStudy, and Deluxe Signal, creating interactive websites with modern designs. My work involves coding, designing, and understanding a users' needs.

Base Boss Cup

The Base Boss Cup is the ultimate Clash of Clans tournament, featuring thrilling single elimination rounds with unique round specific rules, challenging your strategic skills. From troop restrictions to siege machine bans, each round pushes clans to their limits. Only the strongest will become Base Boss Cup Grand Champions, proving their dominance in epic clashes.

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